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Progressive web apps in 2021

Progressive web apps in 2021

The situation with Progressive Web Apps in 2021

In 2015, progressive web apps were first introduced by Google, carrying a lot of hopes. PWAs were supposed to fill the gap between native apps and mobile web apps. So what happened to Progressive web apps in 2021?
After 6 years of native applications existing side by side with progressive web applications. So, what the reason for that?
On one hand, it happened because of the poor support from the web structures. Secondary, lack of standardization put the Google product in the undefined position of other AJAX web applications, without being something unique and competitive. Moreover, bigger market players are avoiding supporting PWAs in 2021,
maintaining a current balance in web architecture solutions.
However, the progress is moving forward, and earlier or later we will see the PWA architecture concept more and more because of its efficiency and easiness in terms of development and use.

bigger market players are avoiding supporting Progressive Web Apps in 2021,<br /> maintaining a current balance in web architecture solutions.

What can be improved of Progressive web apps in 2021?

Extention of support

In 2021 the most major browser supporting progressive web applications on a basic level. Standard web application features will work. In the case of special features specific to these apps such as push notifications, hardware access, installations there is a big gap incompatibility between modern browsers. Some browsers, such as Firefox, Facebook mobile browser submitted non-support for those apps.
Additionally, there is a warning with Safari. Although it provides basic support for the Progressive Web Apps in 2021, not all features are included. Here are the primary PWA features that Safari does NOT support:

  • push notifications
  • installation
  • full-screen mode.

In extension to this, in 2020 WebKit has announced that they are not planning to support most of the APIs that give access to the native functionality for example Web Bluetooth, Web MIDI API, Magnetometer API, Web NFC API among others. They say it’s for privacy purposes, but this prevents the growth of Progressive Web Apps in 2021 on Chrome and Safari.

New Terms From Chrome

Freshly, the Chromium team has declared a new norm for PWAs. Now, to be counted a Progressive Web App in 2021 and allow the app install prompt, it has to pass the offline experience test.
At the moment, Chrome’s standard for offline work is as follows: “a site has a fetch event handler which returns a response with 200 status code”. If you cannot meet this standard, your users won’t be able to install the app.

More Companies Are Launching PWAs

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned points, more and more companies are making PWAs their default. Here are some of the great PWA websites in 2021:

  • Glovo web-based ordering systems that can run offline and, when online, provide location-specific information.
  • Bolt – a PWA that resembles their native app.
  • Spotify – a PWA music player that performs even better than their native app.
  • TikTok – a PWA version of the social media platform.

Final Thoughts about Progressive web apps in 2021

PWAs in 2021 hasn’t got a big success yet, as it was planned.
Although, Progressive Web Apps in 2021 have been gradually but regularly increasing their presence and getting the recognition of big market players brands.
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