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Mobile-first-design in 2021

Mobile first design in 2021

Nowadays, a mobile-friendly website is not only an approach – it is a must-have if you want to have your website be well ranked by search engines and just do its job. According to Google Analytics, more than 80% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

People are using their smartphones to surf the net more and more creating demand for mobile-first-designed websites and you should make your platform perform well and look awesome on all devices.

Today, the web development agency explains what is mobile-first design for and why you should implement it in 2021, as well as recent showcases examples of mobile-first websites.

According to Google Analytics, more than 80% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

What is a mobile-first design in 2021?

During the website development phase, the layout is created mostly starting from the desktop version. Thereafter, it is modified to comply with different screen dimensions on different devices. Unluckily, visual components and features are hard to adapt to smaller devices and, in a conclusion, seem and perform poorly.

The mobile-first design strategy is for avoiding this kind of situation. With this method, websites are developed and optimized for mobile devices first and then adjusted to the desktop version.

Why should my website be mobile-first?

Here are some points of why it’s extremely useful in 2021.

  • Mobile-first websites will have a lower bounce rate and an overall traffic growth
  • Users will love your site for its convenience
  • Engaging mobile-first design engages more visitants
  • Site load faster and performance improves
  • Such web pages gaining higher ranks by search engines

Still, the most significant matter for mobile-first design development is the mobile-first indexing algorithm announced by Google in May 2019. From now, Google will use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking prior to the desktop version:

‘Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile Content Priority Indexing has been enabled by default for all new sites (they’ve just been published or weren’t in the Google index). Pages that have existed for a long time are still checked for compliance with the criteria listed in the recommendations. As soon as the site is ready to switch to a new indexing method, we will notify its owner in the Search Console. Notifications about new sites are not required to be sent, since in their case the new method is used by default.’ 

How do I make a mobile-first website in 2021?

During building a mobile-first website, follow these simple rules:

  1. Use a responsive framework to build your website.
  2. Improve user experience.
  3. Use these techniques to increase page loading speed.
  4. Improve website navigation.
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