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Mobile-friendly web design in 2021 

Mobile-friendly web design established itself in 2013 – with the start of the smartphone era. Mobile-friendly web design basing on the mobile-first design concept. It means that content on your website, such as pictures, articles, videos, links – is quickly and easily available over mobile platforms, in other words, on smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

If we talk more advanced, mobile-friendly web design in 2021 means using all available features and capabilities of mobile devices to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

Mobile-first design based on desktop design?

While planning the layout for the mobile, the important thing is to understand that the desktop design can not be utilized as a base for it because :

  • Operating spaces on the mobile screen are minimal.
  • The layout is mostly one column
  • The mobile website experience is quicker compared to the desktop, so you need to be as minimal as possible to grab the attention as soon as possible.

Thought, mobile-friendly web design is all about narrow targeting to the one specialized need of your customer. Following the mobile-friendly web-design guidelines, better to develop three targeted websites instead of one. Each website will deliver more exact information requested by the customer. Website content needs to be responsive to be functional and readable. Try to develop your website navigation as minimal as possible. This way, your customers will stay concentrated on the target topic.
Here are some examples of mobile-friendly web design approaches in 2021:

Mobile-friendly web design in 2021
Responsive web design in 2021
Mobile-friendly web design
Mobile-friendly web design in 2021
Mobile-friendly web design in 2021

Responsive web design = customer love

Responsive Website Design is an original design approach that utilizes the same website code across all platforms. No difference if your customer is browsing your website on a desktop or smartphone, the page will keep its root concept and adapt to different platforms.
The main feature of responsive web design is the usage of the adaptive grid system. By switching to a mobile screen, the responsive grid shifts to a vertically stacked, 1-row layout. Thought, the mobile-friendly web design in 2021 is about manipulating grid elements on a screen resolution changes.

How to achieve mobile-friendly web design?

First of all, while designing your website, plan to use responsive web frameworks such as bootstrap. If your choice is CMS like WordPress or Joomla, you will have a wide choice between thousands of ready-to-use templates. Most of them are mobile-friendly out-of-box. You can check it just by trying the template on your mobile device.  

The mobile-friendly web design will make your customer love it and will make your responsive website rank higher on Google.

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